You name it.
We'll frame it.

Frames™ allows publishers to easily enhance their articles with great charts.


Crystal Clear

Frames convey information in a clear and easy to read way, be it through charts, lists, maps rankings or other graphics. They also match your brand perfectly through colour and typography customisations.

Our design team has worked for leading newspapers like The Independent, Observador and P├║blico.

Mobile First

Frames are designed with a mobile first approach, guaranteeing flawless readability, interaction and performance on all devices.

Typically more than 40% of your users will read your articles on smartphones. We make sure they aren't treated as second-class citizens.

Countless Templates

Information exists in all shapes forms, and so do Frames. For each topic we have the right format.

It's not just about the obvious bar, line or pie chart. We're talking calendars, lists, rankings, schedules, standings, maps, countdowns and countless more.


Facts Checked

To frame your ideas you need great data. We call our database Facts. Our Facts are manually curated and updated in real time, and so are our Frames.

You can choose to keep the data in your Frames continuously up to date, even after your article is published.

Our Own Newsroom

Our fact base grows by the day and is managed by our own team of highly qualified data journalists.

We continuously sift through the main world and national events and make sure we provide you with the Frames you need to tell a better story.

Create Your Own

You also get full access to our easy-to-use visual Frame builder, which in three simple steps allow you to create and share Frames across your newsroom.

You can always choose to use our curated data or use your own data sources. Or maybe even mix it up.


Automatic by Default

Because we know all too well that writers are under immense time pressure to deliver a high volume of content, our system analyses your articles in real time and matches it with the best Frames about the same topics for you.

That's how we manage to serve Frames on up to 40% of all news articles published.

CMS Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your CMS. This avoids any messy authentication process, or opening separate windows or tabs.

We have extensive experience working with newsrooms and know that time is of the essence.

Full Control

The writer still knows best, so at any point you can choose which Frame should show in which article. You'll also be able to customize each Frame with specific data and layout options.


Great Performance

Our platform uses the best worldwide CDNs, more than 99% of our requests are fully cached, and all our assets load asynchronously and are both minified and gzipped.

In the rare event that our platform takes too long to respond, requests are automatically cancelled and invisible to the reader. This way our Frames will never stand in the way of your sites' performance.

Information as an API

You might have heard of it as Information Atomization, but let's call it what it is: information as an API.

Frames is a big step in the right direction, solving such basic issues as information reutilisation across articles, removal of repeated efforts writing them, visuals built of different pieces of information and real-time, queryable, facts.

Private and Secure

All of our Frames, their loading scripts, assets and our admin pages are fully served over an encrypted SSL connection. This not only guarantees a high degree of privacy and security, but also means we will be one roadblock less in migrating all of your platform to SSL.

Better Journalism

Reader Satisfaction

At the end of the day, your reader is our common client. Frames is proven to provide a higher reader engagement through longer reading times, higher recirculation and higher sharing actions.

We're not just throwing out buzzwords here: our A/B testing surveys prove that Frames considerably increase the trustworthiness of articles, the positive sentiment towards the brand, and leave your competition in the dust.

We Need Facts

Now more than ever journalism needs to show the facts behind the story and increase transparency. One way we do that is by having all Frames disclaim the source and last update date of its data.

It's not enough anymore to just say we're reporting the facts. We need to show them, in an appealing and easy to understand manner.

New Revenue Streams

We were born inside an online publisher and know all too well that we need new revenue streams - without compromising our content.

That's why we give you the tools to explore our Frames with sponsored messages, text or display ads. These alone will recoup your investment and then some.

The Team

Born Out of Publishing

Frames is a spin-off from Observador, the fastest growing Portuguese publisher launched in 2014, with a strong focus on finding the right way to use technology in a newsroom.

So we get you. And it's because we know the pressure we all face to produce more and quicker that we continuously think of ways to improve the reader experience through technology.


Data doesn't care about borders. That's why we're quickly expanding to new markets, beginning with English and Portuguese-speaking publishers.

If your site runs in another language, reach out to us anyway: we'll give you an approximate timeframe to support further languages.

Funded by the DNI

We're funded by Google's Digital News Initiative, set up to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

This gives us great independence but also a very clear motivation to bring innovation into and across newsrooms.


Frames is available for publishers generating at least 10m monthly pageviews. The monthly price depends on your average traffic.

Contact us now to talk to one of our newsroom-savvy team members who will answer all of your questions.

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